Sports & Music Camp

Not all of us have the same interests.  Some are natural athletes and enjoy the thrill of competition.  Some are gifted musically and relish the challenge of learning a new song.  Still others have a flair for the dramatic and love nothing more than that moment when all eyes are on them.  Sports, Music & Drama Camp provides you an opportunity to worship God through the talents he has blessed you with.  You’ll spend time each day under the careful instruction of coaches and teachers in your area of interest.  Team competition in various sports and adventure games provides you an opportunity to test yourself against your friends and learn how to work with others to accomplish goals.  Each day is rounded out with lively worship and dynamic teaching that shows you how to apply your faith to real life.  Not to mention the great food, time in the pool, and the occasional tubing trip down the Cowpasture River.

Work & Wilderness

Work & Wilderness week for teens is always one of the highlights of the summer ministry program at ACCOVAC. During this session, teens spend several days going out into the community and helping folks in need, learning how faith really translates into action. While mowing lawns, painting houses, and tackling service projects on the camp grounds, campers will learn the amazing feeling of helping others, and experience great teamwork and fellowship.

The second half of the week we spend 3 nights camping  at nearby Lake Moomaw.  Here, we rest and relax after the service projects we’ve worked so hard on, as we take in the beautiful surroundings. There are so many opportunities to explore, canoe, swim, play great games or just sit by the fire and catch up with friends.

For more info, visit Camp Accovac’s website.